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past simple:finished actions yesterday/when I was six,last weekend,in the 90's//present perfect:unfinished actions/this year,today,in the last month//FOR->present perfect use:a period  of time ex:I've studied english for(durant)3years //since->present perfect,position:before time expression /since I was born//use->a point of time ex:I've studied english since(desde) 2007//Ago->past simple, position_>at the end of the sentences.Use->time in the past ex:I met you 2 years ago(desde fa)

YET->dmething that hasn't happened or we don't know if sentences->negative and interrogativeposition_<at the end of the sentences,ex:I haven't pass my driving test yet(encara)//just-<something that has recently been/ be+just+past perfect ex:josep has use discovered regular verbs have//Ready->something that happened before we expected /affirmative p: v. to have+already+past participle silvia has already left school

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