Phrasal Verbs

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Phrasal Verbs
1 Put each of the following phrasal verbs in its correct place in the
sentences below.
(a) Don't worry about the journey to the airport. I'm coming to see
you off
(b) The other car didn't stop after the accident but luckily I was able to
take down its number.
(c) The car's in quite good condition but you can try it out
before you make any decision to buy.
(d) Would you like to bring up any other matters before the meeting
(e) Stop worrying about it. Don't let this failure get you down.
(f) I'm afraid we'll have to call the meeting off. Alice and John
can't come.
(g) Her parents died when she was eight and her uncle decided to bring
her up himself.
(h) I've got a spare room, so l can put you up if you're ever
here again.
2._ Instructions as above.
(a) lm depending on you to pay me back the money on Monday.
Please don't let me down
(b) To cover his absence he decided to make up a completely false story
about being involved in a car accident.
(c) lf you think I 'm wrong, check in the encyclopaedia I'm sure it will bear me out
(d) Because of pressure of work, he had to put off his summer holiday
until October.
(e) we want to give younger prayers a chance in the team. That's whv
we've decided to leave you out of next saturday's match.
(f) They're very two-faced They're very nice to her when she's there,
but they run her down behind her back.
(g) l'd like to put forward a proposal. I suggest we start production in May.
(h) The government Intend to take very serious measures against this
interference in their country's affairs .They do not rule out the
possibility of military action.
3 Instructions as above.
(a) The authorities intend to pull down these old buildings and put up a
modern office block in their place.
(b) They'll never believe you're American. Your British accent will give
you _ away immediately.
(c) lf you persist in refusing to pay the rent for this flat, we shall have
no option but to turn you out.
(d) When I was in New York, I was able to look up several old friends I
hadn't seen for years.
(e) We're very sorry to have to turn you away--, but I'm afraid the
hotel is fully booked.
(f) The flat hasn't been very well looked after, but l think that after I
do it up it'll look very nice.
(g) The old-fashion appearance of the hotel might put off some
people but in fact it's really very modern and comfortable inside.
4 Instructions as above.
(a) The initials V.l.P.stand for Very important Person.
(b) Scientist are mystified by the sudden increase in the world's
temperature They are quite unable to account for it.
(c) | don't think he'll ever completely get over his wife's death. He'll
always miss her.
(d) John works in that office. I quite often run into him in the streets
round here.
(e) I can't think of a way to get round the problem.
(f) She has a very pleasant manner. l' m sure the children will
take to her at once.
g) He expects to come into a lot of money in his grandfather's will.
h) Mv father and I have the same character. I take after him much more
than my mother.
5. Instructions as above.
(a) lf they go back on their promise, l'll never trust them again.
(b) You must make your suggestion to the director. Then i t'll be up to
him to decide.
(c) He missed a month's school through illness, so now he'll have to
work hard to catch up with the other pupils.
(d) l don't think l can put up with this noise any longer l.' m going mad.
(e) l'm sorry we had to cancel the party, but to make up for it let's all go to
the cinema.
(f) The growing use of credit cards may ultimately do away with
the use of cash altogether.
(g) There are some strange noises coming from Jane's room. What on
earth can she be up to?
(h) l'm afraid they're very snobbish. They look down on their poorer relations.
6 lnstructions as above.
a) It's past midnight and I'm tired. I think l ' ll turn in
b) I waited nearly an hour for them, but they didn't turn up
c) After all the trouble you've taken, I hope your plans don't fall through
d) There is a very real fear that war may break out soon.
e) We've had some hard times recently, but I think things are
beginning to look up
(f) The emergency services thought that the bomb might go off at any
g) The schools break up next week. lt's almost holiday-time.
h) Her new book is due to come out next month. I wonder what the
critics will think of it.
7 Instructions as above.
(a) The number of tourists visiting Britain is at its peak in July and
August and begins to drop off in September.
(b)The subject of higher salaries will probably come up at the meeting.
(c) Don't get so nervous about your speech tonight I' m sure itll go down
very well.
(d) she s not a very strong person. I'm afraid she might break down when
she hears the news.
(e) They haven't spoken to each other since that argument about the
taxi fare. How silly to fall out over such a trivial thing.
(f) | think we're going in the wrong direction, Hold on Ill look at the
(g) | live at 32, Rutherford Street. Drop in if youre in the district.
(h) The meeting was long and the room was hot. I was afraid I might fall off
Rhyming Expressions
1 A number of common colloquial expressions consist of rhyming parts.
Put each of the following expressions in its correct place in the
Sentences below.
(a) We've got some important visitors coming to see the factory
tomorrow. They're government inspectors. Members of Parliament,
officials from the Ministry and other big wigs.
(b) The programme is only of limited interest. I can't understand why
it's shown on prime-time television.
(c) The two world leaders met and after the usual greetings and
formalities got down to the humdrum of their talks.
(d) lt wasn't exactly a strike. All the workers did as little as possible. It
WAS A go-slow
(e) After the robbery everything was in a mess, nitty-gritty all over the
(f) she'd like to find a more interesting, exciting job . She finds her
present work very brain-drain.
(g) lt's been a terrible morning. I overslept, rushed out higgledy-piggledy to the
bus-stop, missed the bus, had to qet a taxi.. .
(h) The pell-mell of doctors, scientists and academics leaving this
country is having a serious effect on our health service, industries
and universities.

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