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preguntas prueba oral

Hi, how are you today?
Are you Pamela Gonzalez? Whats your name?
Whats your name again?
How do you spell your first name? How do you spell your last name?
Whats you telephone number? Can you repeat that?
Whats my name?
Whats this called in English? How do you spell that?
Where are the books? Tables? Pencils?
Where is your pencil?
Is this your pen? Are these your keys?
Are you from Copiapo, Chile? Where are you from? Where is he from?
Ask me about my things.
Whats Copiapo like? Whats your first language?
How old are you? Are you shy/friendly/talkative/quiet?
Are you tall/short/heavy/thin?
Who is he? Are you Japanese? Whats she like? Whats he like?
What are you favourite colours?
What color is my pen? What color is my shirt? What color is Carloss belt?
Tell me about your clothes. Are you wearing jeans?
What is he wearing? Whats she wearing?
Is this book yours? Is this pencil hers? Whose keys are they?
What are your seasons in Chile? What is your favourite season?
Whats the weather like today?
What time is it? Ask me about the time. Is he working? Is she listening?
Whats she doing? What are you doing? Whats he doing?
What are they doing? Why are they talking?
Tell me about your family. Do you have brothers or sisters?
What are their names? Do you live with your family?
Where do you live? What time do you get up on weekends? Sundays?
Do you go to school / work by bus? How do you get to school/work?
Do your parents work? Do they walk to work? How do they get to work?
When does your sister get up? Eat breakfast? Go to work? Have dinner?
Tell me about your weekly routine? Ask me about my family.
Ask me about my weekly routine. Ask your classmate about his/her family.

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