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reality show:
1.i think being a dancer is a very difficult profesion and people must take this very seriously.there are programes like that help people with talent and willing to appear on tv,but i think success is very difficult to achieve.
2.on the hand,people need the means and opportunities to demostrate their talent,however,may people do not have this opportunity and never become what they would like to be further more,by participating in a contest,you have to work for long time.and hard to captivate the audience.
3.on the other hard,many of these people involved in these contests are more interested in being famous than in learning what they are supposed to fact,many say that they like being at school when you can ocupy the place of a person that really wants to learn. conclusion,there are arguments for and against dance competition on tv.but everyone should be aware that fame is not based on giving autographs or meeting celebrities,it is based on talent and if you don't have it.fame will be short-lived.have a short duration.

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