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The boy I'd like to go out with should be nineteen years. He should have brown, short hair and black eyes. My ideal boy is tall and healthy. He must be kind, nice, loving, attentive and tender. I don't mind if he is studying or working. He could be interested in rock music, for example: Linking Park, Green Day and so on. He could also be interested in action films or comedies. I'd like him to wear jeans and shirts or T-shirts. He must love computer games such as Tom Raider, Bleach a so on. Finally, my ideal boy should be a sociable boy, a friend, a good person; he must respect nature and alive beings. He should be responsible and above all, he must love me.

In my view
adults don´t understand teenagers and I think they don´t remember when they were teenagers themselves. Adults think teenagers are rude, violent but that isn't true. It's just teenagers rebel against the things they disagree with. I strongly believe teenagers should be given more independence and be considered as adults. In fact when teenagers are given respect and responsability they behave in a more responsible and sensible way. En there is something else: teenagers criticize adults a lot because the say the can't depend on them.

I definitely think
money is more important than friendship. Since the very mmooment we are born, we need money to live. Then we grow up and we keep hearing talk about money. When we are children our parents must make a great deal of money if they want to give us a good education, nice clothes, that is to say, a suitable and comfortable life. If you have got money you can buy friends and money make up for the lack friends: you can get a lot of interesting things, you can travel, etc. You can enjoy yourself a lot of when you fly to Italy or you buy an expensive PC. And, of course, if I had a lot of money I would not have to work, but if I had a lot of friends and no money at all I would have to work to earn my living. I definitely think being rich is better than having friends.

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