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I think that recycling is a really good idea and it be computsory in modern societher because it is really good for the environment, and it worries me that all the rubbish dumps available now are getting biger.In my opinion a lot of people don't realise their rubbish goes into rubbish dumps. They don't think about it. They post need to be taught to reuse things more.
The fact is that by recycling paper, we save: trees, litres of water, litres of oil; the air and a lot of energy.
To sum up, I believe that a fine would be is a good idea because it encourages people to recycle. If people who don´t recycle were fined the money raised could be spent on ways to improve recycling facilities.

I think that a long the years we have destroyed our planet without thinking in future generations and all this could be avoided doing actions without causing damage some problems that could be avoided are ,for example,exhaust fumes of this industries that is pollution our air,the cutting down tropical rainforest is killing our planet lung, waste in seas and rivers or reduced carbon oxido of atmosphere.
In my opinion there are a lot of ways to reduce the pollution as reciclying all type of material,switch of the lights go out home,put on more clothing in winter instead of turning up the heater.And for example recycle paper and glass and throw batteries in a special container.
In conclusion, we must protect our planet and for this we need to be aware this waste recycling for reuse without damaging the environment.

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