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Smoking is not only an expensive and bad habit for our health but also is something that bothers people in public places, although I also believe that smokers have the right to have a place to smoke in public places.

From my point of view, if smokers had a place to smoke, they would not smoke around non-smokers, therefore there should be public places that allow smokers to smoke quietly without bothering non-smokers, so they could avoid these problems between smokers and passive smokers.

On the other hand, smokers may try to quit smoking because it would be good for their pockets and lungs and so we would all be much better because for example I can´t stand the smoke snuff but unfortunately I´m used to it.

In conclusion, tobacco is said to be very bad for health, expensive and annoying to people but people continue to smoke without thinking about it endangering their lives and those around. In some case this poison should be banned.

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