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-I always get up at nine o'clock. After I have breakfast, I have a coffe and toast. At halft past nine I usually clean my house. At halft past twelve, I alway watch TV program. Next,I have lunch and I usually go to work. I often arrive home at quarter to seven. I have a coffe and I go to high school. It ten o´clock, I arrive home and dinner next I have shover and go to bed at eleven o'clock.


-The last friday, I worked in the morning, In the afternoom I went shooping at the comercial center Los Arcos. The next day I went to cinema and Sunday, I went to have lunch with my parents and after we went to at coffe shop.


-I live in El Viso del Alcor. My village is in Seville. It is small and beatiful. It has got a very big park, his name la muela. There are two old church and the town hall is a old palace. There are any square, but the most famous is Los Caidos, it is big and it have got a lot of flower.


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