Redacción conditional

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I múltiple choice             IV football, golf
1.B                                      1.G
2.C                                      2.F
3.A                                      3.F
4.A                                      4.F
5.B                                      5.G
6.A                                      6.F
7.B                                      7.G
8.C                                      8.F
II third conditional...      9.G
1.had eaten                      10.F
2.would have visited         V complete the text...
3.Had found                       a) ten-metre dive
4.Had had                          b) a medal
5.Would have enjoyed      c) London Olympics in 2012
6.Had known                     d) champion
7.Wouldn´t have been      e) the youngest
8.Would have come          f) his country
9.Hadn´t parked
10.Hadn´t left
III Second or third...?
2.Wouldn´t it be
4.Had had

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