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    ·ex1 2-f 3-t 4-t 5-f 6-t

ex2 giv up-take up-courts-dishes-healthy ex3 comxativ:
·-coming hear three times a week is not as dificult as they'd imagined
-t food is ealtier tan in ohter rstaorants -my mmbrs mak mor rgular visits than the members of oters gyms Superlative:
·It has become the most successful spot center in the eart We have the best facilities in town ex4les exspensive-fewer members-not as good-less time-the fewest hause WRITING ex1 3,5,6 ex2 firstly-wat is more-finally-it seems to me that ex3 if you don't use enough suntan cream,you'll get sunburgnt ex4 'll be-'ll see,take-won't have,spend-'ll complain,isn't

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