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•My favorite place for a holiday: Long ago I'm not going on vacation. When I was little travelled more. I've been to many plces and I do not know if I could choose a favorite me but I like the woods and the countryside, more than the beach, so I choose where there is nature. ? France has always been one of y favorite places by its nature and cleanliness, and people are very friendly and nice. But I couldn't live long in one place, I'd like to know all the places that I have interestest. I like to travel to finland, Sweeden, Germany, Switzerland, etc. I cam always go in an adventure with a backpack and a little imagination. 

•Domestic violence: Nowadays dometic violence is something very common in the current society. Before there wasn't so many cases of domestic violence or they were not talked about on television, radio, etc. Tell us about it more now than before.?The violence is very bad, women suffer the violence and nowadays there are also children who are ill-treated by their parents.?The situation is very bad and every day in the news there is a dead woman, a woman who has been killed by his husband or by his son. This problem is in the society that surrounds us and in the people who live in it.?I think that violence is provoked by the situation in which the persons are. A man, for example can feel alone and oppresed and a woman cannot make him feel good so he feels rejected.?Both the man and the woman shut in themselves until one day they exploit. They can be bad with whom does not have the fault.

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