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Yes or not to the vegetarian food

The vegetarian food is more healthy, contains fewer fats and animals do not sacrifice themselves for his consumption.
The vegetarian food has more vitamins and on having contained fewer fats they contain less cholesterol, in addition it has more proteins. And no animal suffers in order that we feed. The vegetarian food consists of fruits, vegetables, vegetables, tofu and other rich food in proteins.
In my opinion the vegetarian food is more healthy than different.

The mode joins many persons

The models who form a part of the group of X have joined to assemble funds against the catastrophe in Japan.
The event has been realized in the city of Madrid, where they have paraded to assemble money it to send to Japan; country destroyed by the earthquake. Hundreds of persons have met to help to this country.
Definitively, it has been a wonderful event, full of generosity.

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