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Pets:Nowadays people usually hace a pet at home.They often have a cat, a dog or even a turtle.Children usually have fun with them but it gets to a point that they get tired of their own pets and some of them leave their pets on the streets, in a park, in a petrol station...Because it's "too tiring" to look after them every day. But not all pets "end" this way, because other children do look after their pets, feed them and give them love. I think it's good for children to have a pet at home because they learn to have responsability and to take care.Importancia del inglés:Nowadays English is a very important language because it has become the common language for everyone to comunicate;so we should learn it and practise it as much as possible to be able to speak it fluently.It is important even for getting a job and to hace a better life.Children learn English at school since they are six years old until they go to university; but, for me,the best way to learn is going to the native country to speak it with the locals.Due to all these reasons, parents usually send their children abroad to improve their English and to have a life experience.Envejecimiento de la sociedad:Nowadays people get old later and latar because we have a healthier way of life.For example, since we are children, our parents teach us that doing sports is good for your health. so nearly every little child takes tennis, swimming, paddle lessons...Also we have better quality food than years ago, now we know that we should eat five pieces of fruit or even junk food.My favorite meals:When I was a child, I used to like orange juice, chips, lentils and milk but I didn't like goulash, bread with olive oil, etc.So y mother used to get angry with me because there were many things that I didn´t want to eat.Now that I am older, I am interested in healthy food because I think that you will feel better. I have some fruit in the morning, and I also drink a lot of water and milk.For lunch,I try to eat as many vegetables as possible mixed with meat or fish.For dinner I usually have an omelette, a soup but I also like chocalate, ice-cream, biscuits an sweets so I must be careful with that.

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