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ACTOR FAVORITO :My favourite actor is Dwayne Johnson is tall and complexion average, was born in E.E.U.U., he is also professional wrestler since 1998 a 2003. when he was young also, was player rugby. He has made a lot of good films , I think that he is good actor , because i like much your films. . EXPERIENCIA EMOCIONANTE:The most exciting thing I ve ever done is go on SANTIAGO BERNABEU, i had twelve years , I went with my class, I was the most cheerful, every began when i saw every trophies, had a lot of trophies, After see the trophies , i saw the costume, the football field since down , after our class to the bus. MI MEJOR AMIGO :I'm going to describe my friend abel. My friend abel is tall, and eyes brown . He is player in team Intangco, he has two brothers sergio and adrian. He is very funny , I meet since do five years. he live also in field , Matola, I play football wiht he every sundays. He is one the most player soccer of my friends. MI HABITACION:My bedroom is quite big, But i have to share it with my brother, Alejandro. The wall are yellow . There are one desk, two beds, one chairs , and one computer games. In the afternoon, i do homework, and by night listen to music, and play the computer games. I like my bedroom, ! MI PEOR DIA :My worst day at school was about a week ago. . say the note in mathematics, was a four. After I had an exam in biology, and did not know, suspended , and after finishing the bus escaped me and I wait an hour.

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