Redacciones que contengan present perfect y past simple

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-Present simple- Pasti simple

 I buy               - he bought

-Present c.         - Past c.

They are studying- they were studying

-Past simple       - Past perfect simple

Called me           -had called

-Present p.S         -Past p.S

I have seen          -she had seen

-Will                    -Would

-Can                    - Could

-May                    - Might

-Must                   - Had to

-Should                 - =

-now                      -then

-today                    -that day

-yesterday               -the day before

-tomorrow               - the following day

WH q: The organizers asked how many

people would be attending the conference

YES/NO q:  Jude asked me if i had

seen the news

First conditional

If John gets good marks in maths,

he will study enggineering at university.

Second conditional

If you won the lottery,

would/could you give me money to charity?

Third conditional

If you had read the questions more carefully,

could /would you have been able to answer them?

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