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I think that having many possessions do not bring happiness to people. there are any reasons which support my opinion.//Firstly, have many things is important, but this does not bring happiness, but it may help get.//a person, more things have not happier than the one with few possessions, and that a child with all the consoles out there, the best mobile phone, designer clothes and can not be happy, and a child who has only a simple toy can be the happiest person in the world.//Second, having many possessions can be a problem, since many people would envy, and would be put with people that they had many things//in conclusion, to be happy you do not need many possessions, because happiness is not in them


in my opinion, the cars should be banned in cities and towns. there are any reasons which support my opinion.//first, if not prohibit the movement of private cars for urban areas, pollution will continue to increase continuously up to destroy the planet. also if we only use public transport would not have so much noise in the streets//second, by banning cars and motorcycles in the towns and villages, we would avoid many of the traffic accidents that occur daily, and save hundreds of lives.//in conclusion, I think it's better a clean world without sound.//


in my opinion, having a gap year is not bad. there are any reasons which support my opinion.//First, a gap year you can enjoy relaxing with friends, go away for the world to learn abroad, you can also get to work and earn money to spend on vacation, and so would return to study or work the following year with more desire .//this part is fine, but it is also true that spending a year sabbatical is a waste of time, and take much at school or work, you lose a time when much can be learnedin conclusion, it is better not to have any one year sabbatical and study all followed, thus nothing will be forgotten//


in my opinion, I believe that studying only what we like is not a good idea. there are any reasons which support my opinion.//First, if young students only estudiásemos what we like, our future would be a disaster, as only we would know things about a subject, and would not know about other fun things that we like//secondly, if we were to study only what we like, when we take two years would be bored seeing the same thing a lot, and would come and study routine//in my opinion, I think it is better to study many things but we do not like, to study only what we feel like.//
In my opinion, reading is a fun way to pass time. there are any reasons which support my opinion.// First, when we have nothing to do, to pick up a book we very quickly over time, and having fun. Read not only serves to amuse or entertain, but also to learn new words and improve the way we express ourselves.// Second, our imagination is developed to read from time to time, and that improves our quality of life, we can take the things in a better mood. //In my opinion, reading is a very interesting way to learn and pass the time, a hobby that is forearmed!//


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