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nowadays,the educational system is very different forn the past.At present,students must be at school until 16 years old.Its compulsory.However,there are many problems with this system.My proposal is the following:the educational will be compulsory until 18 years old.Classes will start at 10 and they will finist at 2.Students will have receibed a grant by the end of the course.Moreover,there will be extra money to travel abroad.In adition,there will be bothacademic subjects and vocational subjects.Students will choose them.To sum up,I will change the educational system as much as possible.It will improve completelly.//TIEMPO LIBRE.there are many activities you do in your free time such as going to pubs,going to the beach,listening to music,going shopping and so on.Personally,I prefer go to the pubs because there are many advantages by doing this activity .First of all,you can socialize with other people,and ,therefere,you can have new friends,boyfriends,girfriends,...Secondly you can have a great time listening to your favourite music and dancing.I would like to mention some activities which are interesting but they have more disadvantages than advantages.

PLACE.In my opinion luque is an interesting place.There are many olives and I thint that it is veru beautiful.Luque is a place ehere the temperature is high in particular the summer.In luque there are banks,restaurants,shops,parks and a swimming pool.The swimming pool is very big and the people like swimming there.I go to the swimming pool some days with my friends.There is a football pitch next to the swimming pool where there are football matches.In luque there are many monument for example the castle and church.In conclusion luque is very nice and I like living in luque.ADVERTISING is good for people to buy products.advertising is very useful for business in order to appeal to the customers.But it can make people buy unnecesary products.It is also good because it informs us of things we do not know.There are many different types of advertising.For example TV,radio,internet,magazine...In my opinion advertising on TV is bad because it isn't possible to watch a complete fiem.On the other hand you can go to the toilet and you can have a drink.In conclusion I believe advertising is good.

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