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-describe the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power:the nuclear power appears bucause of a fusion between atomic nucleuses in nuclear power stations.the advantages of the nuclear power are that it is very powerful,it gives a lot of energy in less time than others,it is cheaper than the investigation of new sources,it never end and it is important for the medicin,industry,hydrology,food and agriculture.the disadvantages are more different from the advantages as they cause the destruction of the environment.these are the nuclear and radioactive waste,risk of accidents and explosions,people can get contaminated and get a disease,the nuclear power stations are sometimes near residential areas, my opinion the nuclear power is very interesting because it is very cheap and very used.however it has to be controlled because it may kill some people.-what advice would you give to people to make them more environmentally friendly?:people need many advices to take care of the environment.these advices aren't done by people because they think they are only lies.however if they notice how the world is changing they will start doing is not very difficult to try and remember that the tap is open,not to cut trees down,to use the public transport more than the car,not to cause fires,ect.wasting water and food,burning forests,building more houses or residential areas cause more pollution,more earthquakes,twisters and my opinion people should make a bigger effort to keep to earth clean and healthy,if we don't keep the environment the human race will dissaper.


I read on your web site that you offer an interactive 4-CD Promopack. I'd like to inquire about the different alternatives or ways of purchasing this product.Are the files transferred online or are your CDs sent by air mail? If this is the case, how long does it usually take your products to arrive abroad? Are there any special discounts on large quantities?Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I look forward to your response.  Mario Bergman

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