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Politics is not important. Do you agree?
A lot of people think that politics is unimportant; I think that although politics can be boring, it is very important to us. Firstly it is clean that politics affects our everyday lives. It is a fact that politicians are responsible for education, housing and health. Secondly, politicians have the power to change our society. Therefore we all need to vote so as to express our options. From my point of view the politics is very important in our lives.
Job application letter
I have seen you advertisement on the news paper, I enclose a copy of my CV, and I would be grateful if you considered me for the position. I that I would be suitable for the job .as you can see from my CV, I worked as a waiter last summer, so I have experience of taking customers orders and dealing with money. I would be happy to attend an interview and look forward to hearing from you soon
An amazing date
My fist date was a short time ago. I met a girl when u was at a party, I phoned her the following day, we arranged to meet at a really cool café, she was very friendly, we were talking all the afternoon, I decided invited her to my house, she answered that didn´t can, we decided to week another day, I accompanied her house and she kissed me and I was happy.

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