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The principal problems of young people are:
1.Drugs: are very bad for the body, I've never taken.
2.Alcohol: makes you porting of rare form. I don't drink.
3.Bad companies: you have bad road in life. We must try to get together with good people.
4.Studies: the youth study schedule this full of activity, it is difficult to do what you send us.
All these problems are that the life of a student may be stressful and very busy, it is good that this weekend to rest.

Young people relationship with their parents are often difficult.
This can be for several reasons:
The young man has no confidence in their parents.
The younger you embarrassed have things their parents.
The young do not think that these problems are very important and is not counted their parents.
All these problems have solution parents understanding and blind child confidence in their parents. If these two points are achieved, the relationship between young people and their parents will be perfect.


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