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Last year, I went to B. for my Christmas holidays, I was going to have a rest at my uncle’s beach house for a few days./When I got to B. I felt really sick from the four hour bus ride. The weather is very hot, but it was raining I had forgotten to bring my umbrella. I can still remember how bad I felt today./The other bad thing was I had needed to walk an hour to go to my uncle’s house./ I stayed in B. for about one week but I didn’t buy a lot of things because prices were more expensive that in A.. I think I will no choose to visit B. again.

M. is one of my best friends. We first met when were at a primary school, and we have been friends ever since./She’s got long, blond, curly hair. Her blue eyes are neither big nor small. Her face is oval. M. is a tall girl. She usually wears jeans and T-shirts./My friend M. has a strong character but she isn’t bossy. She’s very nice and cheerful and that’s why people like spending time with her./To sum up, M. is an example to all the people around her of how to be a better person. I hope our friendship will never end.

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