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Every day I wake up at seven o’ clock at the morning, I wash my face.
After that I prepare my breakfast and later I dress approximately at quarter past seven.
Afterwards I brush my teeth.
At half past seven I go out, Sometimes I go to work in bike, but almost always I go to work in the car with my fellow worker.
My work starts at eight o' clock at the morning. In my work I work with the leather, because I am in a leather factory.
At half past ten I have breakfast, during the week I only have bread with butter for breakfast because I don’t have time for anything else. But on Saturday and Sunday I have orange juice, white coffee and bread with parma jam for breakfast because I have more time.
At two o'clock I go to home in the car with my fellow worker or in my bike.
At quarter past two I have lunch with my wife and my daugther.
At quarter to three I go to work once again
At six o'clock I come to my house. Always I have a shower and after I dress.
At half past seven I go to the school
At quarter past nine I have dinner. I sometimes watch TV.
Finally, I often go to the bed at eleven o'clock approximately.
Bye, see you soon

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