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An original way to meet people:

1)Because he needed Frank Ghery's permission for a project

2)Because the narrator got lost, he was afraid to be late to the meeting and he gave a dog with the car

3)Frank Ghery I strike the narrator because he killed your) dog, though the dog was very old and sick

4)FALSE: ''..She looked out and said calmly, That's my dog'' (LINE 6)

5)TRUE: "Great," I thought. "I need this man's approval, and I've just killed his dog."(line 9)

Eating Less Meat Could Save Lives:

1)They diminish to do farms of cattle to provide meat for the consumption

2)This produces many diseases to the people, often mortal, beside damaging the environment

3)Many people to reduced your consumption of meat, this will have a small effect. The red meat is good for the health of the people

4)FALSE: More than 45,000 lives a year could be saved if everyone began eating meat no more than two or three times a week, health experts claim today. (line 1/2)

5)TRUE: Widespread change to low-meat diets would stop 31,000 early deaths from heart disease, and 9,000 from cancer...(LINES 2 & 3)

Cleopatra Was not Killed by a Snake

 1)FALSE: Christoph Schaefer... has presented evidence on a television programme...

2)FALSE: ... eminent zoologists and toxicologists... said that a snake bite would have been too uncertain and taken too long.

3)Because Mark Antony and Cleopatra were lovers

4)he thinks cleopatra always wanted to be pretty and snake venom made ​​ugly

 What Should We Do about Climate Change?

1)FALSE: In Australia, peak energy demand is on hot summer days...

2)TRUE: ... ninety-seven percent of scientists agree that climate chang is happening

3)We could limit our energy consumption.(aza)

  -We could choose environmentally-friendly forms of energy

4)Why run the risk of losing money if people find climate change and energy use changes.

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