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Adverbs is the fourth and last of the categories of lexemes that we call open-the categories with huge and readily expandable membership. Nouns and verb are the major open categories. Elementary constructions can be expanded by adding adjectives and adverbs as modifiers. Nouns take adjectives as their simplest and most typical modifiers, while verbs take adverbs. Adverbs as modifiers of categories other than the noun The term "adverbs" is based on the function of these words as modifiers of verbs. But to a very large extent the words that are used for modifying verbs also function as modifiers to adjectives. Adverbs vs adjectives function: adv->adjunts never PC adj-> PC grade: adv->comparative & superlative adj equal. modification adv-> adj et al adj-> noun. Overlap between the categories: we do find some overlap between the adjective and adverb categories ex: that very day//It's very good

Warning: addition of -ly sometimes forms adjetives, not adverbs: although the addition of -ly usually forms an adverb from an adjective, it does not invariably do so. Ex: beast-beastly death-deathly friend-friendly

The structure of AvdPs the structure of Avd Ps is similar to that of AdjPs, but somewhat simpler. Dependents can again be divided into complements and modifiers. Complements: a few adverbs formed with the -ly suffix license complements. Modifiers: are mostly AvdPs, but determinatives, PPs and certain NPs

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