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comptables:                 incomptables:
+/ a lot of. +/a lot of
-/?/many -/?/ much

too: masa
too much: molts con.
too many: molts incon.
enugh: sufi
not enough : insufi

comparatiu: ER,IER MORE.
good: better
bad: morse.
superlatiu: EST.IEST MOST.
good: the best
bad: the worst.

chatty: quiet. dangerous: safe
strong: weak shy:sociable
moody:cheerful energic:tired

 Comparatives and superlatives adjectives: Short adjectives:(acabat en -er) I'm taller than my brother.

(acabat en -est) Paul is the tallest boy in the class.

Long adjectives: (comparatiu)Those Nike trainers are more expensive than Adidas

.(superlatiu) Carlos is the most intelligent in the class.

Not Adults aren't as happy as childrens ( Els adults no són tan feliços com el nens = Els nens són més feliços que els adults.

 So and such: Maria is my friend, She's so handsome (Maria es mi amiga, ella es tan guapa)

Such: I love the singer Lorena, is such a good person. (M'encanta Lorena, es tan buena persona.

Will: Andrea  will be 16 next year (Andrea ara 16 años el año qe viene)

 I promise I won't tell with Silvia (Et prometo qe no parlare amb la Silvia)

Going to: We're going to see a film on Saturday (...mirarem una peli)

We aren't going to see a film/ Are we going to see a film?

First conditional: If you pass your exams, I'll buy a new car. If you don't pass your exams, I won't buy a new car.



Adjectives Comparative Superlative

Long ->Longer-> the longest
Dry ->drier ->the driest
Big-> bigger ->the biggest
Famous ->more famous-> the most famous
Beautiful ->more beautiful-> the most beautiful
Good ->better-> the best
Bad ->worse ->the worst

Explicación de como usar verbos, conjugaciones, en esta unidad:

Comparative form:

Long adjectives:.. More....Than.. (+ de 2 silabas)
Short ......Than... (1 silaba)
Irregular adjectives
: bad worse than
Good better than
Nota: excepción: adjetivos que terminan con y se usa con ier
Ejemplo: happy happin than (2 o mas silabas)
Easy Easin than (1 silaba)

Superlative form:

Long adjetives: the most . (2 o mas silabas)
Short adjectives: the .est (1 silaba)
Irregular adjectives: good best
Bad worst

Nota: exepcion adjetivos con y the casiest
The craziest
The loveliest



El dolent      Hero=  Heroi           Evil=Malvat 


 Guapo             Courageus=  Valent        Mad=Boig


Poderos    Wiched= per ves     Honest=honrrat


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