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FUgu: A man, is called Taro yada. This one married the Anzu i they work together to the restaurant of his grandson Iku. One day a few Japanese gangsters come of tokio i say to him to the Taro that he has to cook fugu, which is very poisonous. if he cooks vien the fugu, can go to the mafia of tokio. The taro Puts the exact quantity in order that he faints away when one eats it, one eats it, i those of the mafia think that this died. His wife is the only one that save the truth.

what hapened to ms drum when he eat the sougege? he turned in to a where wukf.

What is fugu? why is go expensive? Fugu is a dish made with puffer fish. Its very expensive because just a feu chefs with a special licers a cook it.

Whow does save from a ear accident? MAx`s mother.

Full english brekfast becose  he is vegeterian.

what-que?  who- qui? which-quin? whouse- de quin? when- quan? where- on? why-perqué? what time-quina hra es? how-com? how much how many- quant quants? how often- amb quina frequencia?fas distancia, old edat, long- quan de temps. Q-A-S-V

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