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Discuss the negative and the positive aspects of television.It is hard to imagine our lives without television because it has become so popular that it is now an essential part of our daily routine.In the first place, the television has become so important because it is the main medium for both entertainment and information exchange. We can watch crucial world events on television at the same moment that they are taking place.On the other hand, people seem to depend too much on television nowadays for their own entertainment, leaving aside other pastimes like sport, meeting friends or eating out. As a result, people, and especially children, are leading a more sedentary lifestyle and a less fulfilling one.To conclude, television can have many advantages if we learn how to use it intelligently and moderately but can be damaging to children if we do not control its use.What alternatives can the Government offer young people to encourage a healthy life?Many young people spend their weekends with friends and alcohol but this tendency could be counteracted if governments offered healthier alternatives. Nowadays, it is more expensive for teenagers to go to the cinema than to spend their pocket money on alcohol and drink it in the streets.I think it would be a good idea if city councils created weekend clubs so the youth could join them depending on their hobbies. In this way, there could be music clubs, drama clubs, sports clubs, etc.In addition, every city council should offer the youth a large indoor area where they could spend the time on different activities like watching films, playing table games, dancing, etc. A place where they could eat and have drinks free of alcohol.To conclude, I believe that teenagers would appreciate having more entertainment alternatives.

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