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Present Simple: rutinas y hábitos. They play tennis, don't play tennis, Are you play tennis.

Present Continuos: cosas que stan pasando. They are listening, not studing, are the chatting.

every day, at the weekend, often, sometimes, always, never. Once a week.

Used to: I used to live in Londo, she didn't use to be thin, did you use to go to this school?

Past Simple: he performed in the concert, we didn't perform, did you perform.

Past Continuous: he was standing, I wasn't standing, Were you standing.

yesterday, last week, month year and year ago.

Past simple/Past continuos: He was living in London when he got the news.

Present Perfect Simple: I have worked, I haven't worked, Have I worked. Time expression: ever(alguna vez),

just(acabar de), already(ya), neverm, yet(ya interroga.), for(desde hace), Sincé(desde).

Past simple/present perfect simple: I worked las summer/ I have worked here for three summers.

Will: I will try later/won't/Will they go.......Be going to: I am going to play tennis tomorrow/ She isn't going to sing/are we going to help.

Present Continous con valor de futuro: I am starting a diet tomorrow/ He isn't watching a film later/ Are you flying to London on Tuesday?

First Condicional: If you take a photografh you will see a mirage.

Second Conditional: If you saw the mirage, you would understand/ He wouldn't be famous if he didn't do good tricks.

Modals: Posibilidad o probabilidad: may, might y could....Abilidad: can, could,can't....Obligación: must(75), have to(25)

Prohibición: musn't....Deber: should, shouldn't.

Comparative: Hip hip is newer than classical music/ hip hop is more upbeat than ..

Superlative: the scream is the scariest film i've ever seen/ the most

as...As/as not as: sprite is as cheap as coke/ sprite is not as popular as coke

to../enought../ not...Enought: wass too offensive / clever enough/ not clever enough.

Present Simple passive: the scenery is painted at the studio/ isn't painted/ is....Painted

Past simple passive: was painted/wasn't painted/was....Painted.

Present simple passive/past simple passive:

the computer is used every day/the computer was used yesterday

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