The Cyclops' Cave

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god´s actions and role the olympian gods were living on the mount olympus,associated,today,with the higher peak of the fallest montain range olympos in greece. It is located 100 kms south west of thessaloniki in the north of greece. The most famous and important olympian gods are twelve but ather minor deties and gods were also welcome to live there for example Zeus, Poseidón,Hades,hestia,hera ,aris,athena,apollo,aphrodite,hermes,artemis,etc

odysseus describes his meeting with the cyclops and how he has to be intelligent in order to scape from him. Odysseus wont to kill the cyclops when he was asleep but odysseus needs the cyclops to mové the rock of the entrance of the cave to be able to go. Odysseus offered wine to his enemy and the cyclops said to him"what is your name"and answered nohody when the cyclops was sleeping again. Odysseus put aspike in to the sleeping monster eye.At the and the monster open the rockie clour to trap nohody when he wants to scape but odysseus was more intelligent he was in the cyclop´s best so he could scape and run away from his captor and he continúe with his adventures. At the and he describes the meeting with penelope his  love and they abrace and weep

greece kings in the late bronze age (the myceneam period) between about 2000 and 1200 b.C all greek city-states seem to have been monarchies ,ruled by kings. Homer´s italiad and greek mythology in general ,shows us a whole series of kings like agamemnon and theseus and some of their palaces have survived for archaeologists to dig up

other kings: cadmus,amphion and zethus,caydnos,ogygos,polydorus,nycteus,labdacus and epopeus king of sicyon

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