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(+)  S+ V. –ed / 2º column + C (-) S+ didn´t + v. inf. +C (?) Did + S + v. inf. +C?

-Uses:   *A complete action in the past  *One complete action after another.  *Past habits.

-Time expressions:* When *Yesterday, last week, two years ago, in 1991, in the…


(+) S+ was/were + v. –ing + C (-) S + wasn´t/weren´t + v. –ing + C (?) Was/ were + S + v. –ing + C

-Uses:  *For actions in progress in the past.             *To set a scene of a story. *To express actions that happens simultaneously during a period of time in the past.                                                                                               

-Time expressions:  While = as

PAST SIMPLE VS PAST CONTINUOUS. Actions in progress that get interrupted by another action in the past (past simple)Ex: I was going back home when a car crashed into a tree.


(+) S + had + v- 3ª column/-ed +C (-) S+ hadn´t + v. 3ª column/-ed +C (?) Had + S +3ª column/-ed +C?

-Uses:  *When we want to talk about an action in the past that happened before another action in the past.

-Time expressions: Before (antes de que), after (después), since, when, just, already, for.


(+) S + had+ been + v. –ing +C (-) S + hadn´t +been + v. –ing +C (?) Had + S+ been + v. –ing +C?

-Uses:   *A past action that continued over a period of time but stopped before a specific time.*A past action that continued over a period of time until another action interrupted it.

-Time expressions: for, since, just

USED TO/ WOULD.-We used to or would + infinitive to talk about habits or repeated actions in the past.Would (actions) Used to (actions and past states)

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