Ventajas y desventajas de tener tu propio coche

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 V/DSv (TENER PROPIO COCHE)¹ Cars are today something useful for society. However there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages when owning a car. /²/In my opinion and one of the advantages is that you can move around freely because you can decide the place you can visit and when to go. Furthermore you do not waste time waiting for buses or depending on timetables. Other advantage is that it does not take you so long to go to different places. /³/On the other hand, they are polluting and they are dangerous because a lot of people are irresponsable when driving as they drink or drive dangerously or speed. Other disadvantage is that they are very expensive. Not only to buy them but also to keep them. Petrol is also expensive and the maintanance. //In conclusion, cars are good invention but they are not toys and you have to be responsible when you drive and of course you must have money!!!. (bigesst advantage/Besides) 

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