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A foreign travel can modify a person completely. Each country is characterized by a distinct culture and customs. Before traveling to another country you learn their customs because a gesture in that country doesn´t mean nothing but in other it means something bad. When you are in a distint country you change your preferences for example the food, because in your country you eat this type of food and the other one no. Usually the person who travels outside his country wants to repeat or change travel destination, but again since these trips are very rewarding for people, and not just take first-hand the language and customs but a way to know different people and cultures. 4)1.A-2.C/ 5)1.F lin.1a5-2.T lin 44 y 45 3.F lin.47,48,49/ 6)1.He feelt that going to Africa was meravellous 7)2. couldn't send him abroad 3. Don´t know to look after themself 8)1.Straigth 2.Abroad 4.Salary 5.Stifling

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