Where is the pharynx and how did it become an important part of human sound production

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The Physical Adaptation source
Another speculation about the origins of human speech comes to the biological basis of the formation and develpment of human language.Physical features human possess,especially those that are distinct from other creatures,which may have been able to support speech production.For example at some early stage our ancestors made a very significan transition to an upright posture,with bi pedal locomotion(on two feet)and using other body parts.Some changes about it mentioned can be seen in the physical differences between the skull of a gorilla and that of Neanderthal man form 60000 years ago but its theory is uncertaainly.

The Natural sound source
Another speculation about the origins of language is based on natural sounds.The idea is that primitive words could have been imitations of the natural sounds wich people(men and women)heard aroeund them.For example if something in the sky fle making a "cawcaw"sound that natural sound was used to refer to this "something" flying in the sky.Also there are other examples like cuckoo,splash,etc.This type of theory was named"bow wow"of language origin.There are a large number of onomatopoeic also,is to say imitations of natural sounds but it's not the beggining of the language.On the other hand it has been suggested tht original sounds of language come from natural críes of emotion such as pain,anger,joy etc.For example ouch!Ah! Etc.One another sound suggestion is known as"yo he ho"theory.The idea is that the sounds of a person involved in physical effort could be the source of language especially when this effort involucres a lot of coordinated people.The appeal of this theory is that ir places the development of human language in some social context.Human sounds produced must have had some principled used in the social life of primitive human groups.

The Genetic Source
This propably source say us that the origin of language is innate.To support that is says that baby's brain in only a quarter of weight and the larynx is much higher in the throat allowing babies to breathe and drink at the same time.On the other hand and like an example children who are bron deaf and they don't develop speech became fluent sign language users.We were born with a special capacity for language.It's something innate because no other creature to have it and it's coueld be the origins of language and is known as the "innateness hypothesis"

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