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Article:title,tell us what the article is about, first paragraph, introduce the topic, get the readers interest (hav you ever...? I have/ it all started...), second paragraph, second paragraph, say what you did and how you felt before the contest (on the day of the contest,/before it started,/ I felt really...), third paragraph, describe the contest and how you felt during it (I´ve never felt so...), fourth paragraph, conclude and look to the future (it was the best/worst/most exciting,etc esperience I´ve never had.

Letter: first line, great your penfriend (dear...,),first main paragraph, thank penfriend for letter; mention something in their letter but not their problem (hi! how are you?/thanks four your letter)second main paragraph,mention their problem; say whether you agree or disagree with their parents view (i was sorry to hear about that .../to be honest,...) third main paragraph,make your suggestions(if i were yo,...how about...?, i´d suggest...)fourth main paragraph, give a reason tfor ending the letter(well, i´s better go now as...) closing expressions, final remarks(write soon!)clossing expressions, expres love(love,), final line, your first name.Short story: title, tell us what the story is about, first paragraph, say who yo played the joke on: give as reason why( it was pril first, so i decided to play a practical joke on...), second paragraph,describe how you prepared the joke( i planned carefully,...-first, i.../then,...)third paragraph, how they reacted(when...came in,...),final paragrapg,bring the story to a close say hox you felt and they felt afterwards(afterwards,...)

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