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 In my opinion, studying abroad is great because you learn a lot andyou are lucky enough to meet many people./The advantages of studying abroad is that  it gives a greatexperience to learn about other cultures and lifestyles, make newfriends, you can interact with different methods of teaching andteachers of recognized quality, you have access to a category, further studies high and new opportunities for research, learn other languages ​​and also opens up opportunities to work abroad, or toobtain other employment when you return to your home country.

Now the disadvantages are also numerous, as you will need a long time to adapt to the customs of the country you are going to study,since it is not easy, also you miss your country, your home, your family and friends and all people who appreciate, also requiresseveral specific requirements and the last disadvantage is thatstudy abroad is very expensive, but can give some scholarships.
In conclusion, study abroad have their pros and cons, but I think it'svery nice to have a more or less high level of other languages,because languages​​, especially English, are required in most jobs .

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