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Dear Robert

How are you in London? Are you well there? I miss you !

I have not seen you for two years, because I haven’t got any money to travel to London L

On this occasion, I am going to tell you about my best day in my life; it was when I found the girl of my life ♥

It all started when I went to buy some clothes. I was a perfect day, I took my car and I drove to the shop.

When I arrive there, I had an bad premonition, bun I went into the store anyway.

I was testing a T- shirt, when suddenly, I felt that I had to come back, but I did not know why.

I returned very fast.

When I was reaching to my house, I saw a beautiful woman thrown in the floor,

She was very hurt.

Quickly, I went to help her. She said me that she had been robbed.

After that, I took her to the hospital “Juan Pablo II “

She needed do some analyses expansive, and I paid them

A few weeks later, she called me, and invited me to a romantic dinner.

Now, we are going to marry, and I want that you be the godfather J

Robert, ¿Would be you the godfather?

I miss you very much, and I hope that you accept the proposal

We are very well together; and maybe, we are going to have a son!

Write soon.

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