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my bedroom is very big.i don`t have to share it with my sister.the walls are blue and the carpet is white
there are a bed ,one desk, cupboard and a chair i havea computer i havealso got cd player i support real madrid.there are also real madrid posters
i spend quite a lot of time in my the morning i have to make my bed but i don`t have to tidy the room i don`t have to clean the evering i do my homerwork in my desk . i play computer games and i always listen to music.
i like the toom because i don`t have to share my room

have you got any plans for this weekend?
no ,i haven`t,.why?
i am going to invite some friend round for a sleep-over can you come?
yes,ican.that sounds really good¡
we`re going to watch horror films and eat pizzas
do you parents mind?
they don`t know about it yet i am going to tell them about it tonight
good luck¡

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