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Traducción. La noche siguiente, el señor y la señora Bumble fue al encuentro de Monk, hubo una terrible tormenta. Ellos fueron a través de pronto veterinario. Nota Monk les había dicho que ir a un antiguo edificio junto a un río. Encontraron el viejo edificio y llamó a la puerta. Monk abrió la puerta a la vez. Miró a la señora Bumble. Creo que tienes algo para mí, Monje dijo con una sonrisa malévola. Entre. 1. The mother has the baby but, apparently, pregnancy is very difficult and complicated and only have time to see his son and dies. The baby appears to be half dead, survives and orphaned by the death of his mother and it hosts a workhouse children that puts the name of Oliver Twist.. 3. Fagin, an old man with long dirty hair and a beard. I wanted to make Oliver a thief. He had a group of thieves and hosts to Oliver and feeds him. 4. Oliver tells the police about the theft and talks about a possible brother Oliver. Nancy finds out and tells Bill and Fagin and go get him. 5. The butler are trying to steal home and shoot Oliver, that hurt and leave it aside and I welcome Mr. bumble and cares. 6. It was a gold medallion with two pieces of hair and a gold wedding ring with something written on it. Monks opened the window overlooking the river and into a bag placed a stone with the medal and thrown into the water. Take the money and the lady says to forget it forever. 7. Sikes wanted to go to London to escape the country but the dog chases him. Then he decides to try to stifle and stop in a place where there is water and flame but the dog ignores him and runs away as fast as possible and Sikes continues its way to London. Larga. The characters that help Oliver Twist: Mr. and Mrs. Bumble, Artful Dodger, an old man, Fagin, Mr. Brownlow, Nancy, Monks and Mrs. Courney.

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