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Ingles do curso

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You / your hair / color / this month / ?
Will / Did you have your hair colored this month?
Are you having your hair colored this month?

Mary's bathroom has a problem.
Somebody is going to mend it.
Mary is going to have her bathroom mended.

• It is said that the world will be finished.
• Ricky Martin was usually thought to be a straigh.
• Dilma is believed to be the best for Brazil.
• It was believed that witches existed.
• It was been believed that...
• How many times has she gotten her fortune told?

wrap / wrapped = embrulhar

Have / Get + something (object) + past participle.

allege, assumed, claimed, considered, expected, felt, regarded, reported, rumored, suggested.

alegam, assumiu, alegou, considerado, esperado, feltro, considerado, relatou,
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Dos dos

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Simple present: Aff= sujeto + verbo: infinitivo o s-es

Neg= Sujeto + auxiliares (dont, doesnt) + vervo inf.

Int= Aux (do,does)+ sujeto + v.infinitivo?

Simple past: Aff= suj.  vervo en pasado (reg o ireg.)

Neg= sujeto + auxiliar (Didnt) + vervo infinitivos

Int= Auxiliar (did) + sujeto + vervo infinitivo

Verbo ToBe: Past (was were) Int= aux+ suj +v ing?

Past Continuos. Aff= Sujeto + aux (was were)+ v.ing Neg= Sujeto + auxiliar (wasnt werent) + v ing

Present perfect. Aff= Sujeto + aux (have has)+ verb participio

Future Going to: Aff= sujeto + aux (am is are) + going to + v inf