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Redaccion sobre Mi

My name is MªCarmen. I am 42 years old. I live in Jaén. I am studying English in Antonio Machado.

I wake up at nine o'clock and I have breakfast coffee with milk. Then I go to school with my friends. At two o'clock I finish my class and I go home.

In the evening, I do my homeworks and I do my housework.

Finally at night, I have dinner with my Family and I go to slepp.

Redaccion de los hobbies de mi amiga

My friend's name is Encarni. She is 42 years old. She lives in Jaén. She is working in Auxiliar de crinica.

She wake up at six o'clock , and we have breakfast coffee with milk together. Then I go to school and she goes to work.

In the evening, she likes walking to the park and she goes to gym. Every Saturday we go to the cinema with our husband.

Redaccion describiendo a mi amiga

My best friend's name is Encarni. she is 42 years old.she lives in Jaén.

She is tall and thin. I think she is very pretty, she has got long brown hair, a small nose, black eyes and a beautiful personality.

She always arrive late to our dating, but always we are laughing about it.

She is a great friend!

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